The Israel Project

The Israel Project (TIP) is an international non-profit organisation which provides information about the Middle East for journalists and political leaders.  They have a large and growing readership around the world. TIP has published a series of papers about Israeli society, which are excellently written and researched, concise and balanced.  The papers cover:

  • A timeline of Israeli-Arab peace initiatives since 1977
  • Religious freedom in Israel
  • Voting rights for minority groups
  • Arab rights in Israel
  • Women's rights in Israel
  • Journalistic freedoms
  • Israeli environmental innovations
  • Humanitarian and international aid initiatives by Israel
  • and many other topics. 

Just go to and click on Israel@60 . The TIP website contains a wealth of useful information and analysis about major aspects of Israel's conflict with its neighbours. Of course, another great source on the 'other' Israel - the Israel we do not read about in the headlines - is Israel21c. Their website speaks for itself - just go to