The Iranian Crisis 2012

Iran Press Kit - From The Israel Project 

The Israel Project ( have published a range of in-depth resources on Iran, its nuclear programme, and how it can be stopped from acquiring nuclear weapons without war.  These resources cover Iran's nuclear violations; Iran's military arsenal; Iranian backing for international terrorism; Iranian human rights violations, and many other areas.  To access this valuable and unique set of resources, go to - press kit

The Jerusalem Post Online - Top Quality News and Analysis on Iran
The Jerusalem Post now provides an in-depth section focusing exclusively on Iran. It includes news and commentary by some of the world's leading experts, a blog on life in Iran, background information on Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and many other resources. The Iranian threat is arguably the most serious that Israel has ever faced. For more see: Jpost

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Beyond Images Briefings

Briefing 320 - published 12 October 2012
Iran, the UN and international law:
by Irwin Cotler
Briefing 318 - published 22 August 2012
Ahmadinejad and Khameini:
Iran's latest calls for Israel's annihilation, August 2012
Briefing 317 - published 22 August 2012
Iran's quest for nuclear weapons:
The IAEA's grim conclusions, in 2012
Briefing 316 - published 21 August 2012
North, South, East, West:
Threats to Israel in 2012, from all directions
Briefing 309 - published 7 March 2012
"Israel has nuclear weapons. Why can't Iran have them, too.....?"
Briefing 239 - published 19 April 2009
Ahmadinejad's anti-semitism at the UN...
and the 'deafening silence' among Western elites
Briefing 237 - 17 March 2009
The speech of Iran's supreme leader Khamenei, March 2009:
His call for Israel's destruction
Briefing 229 - 17 January 2009
What do Hamas and Hizbollah want?
What do they mean by 'resistance' to Israel?
Briefing 224 - 12 November 2008
13 year old Iranian boy with brain tumour: Israeli doctors fight to save his life
Briefing 217 - published 25 July 2008
Iranian leaders' incitement to genocide against the Jewish people
Briefing 216 - published 25 July 2008
'US intelligence says Iran probably gave up nuclear weapon plans in 2003...'