The BBC and Israel

Few topics arouse such strength of feeling as the BBC's approach to Israel.  We on Beyond Images are not a media monitoring site, and our contribution to the debate is limited to the following key work:

Jane Corbin's Panorama TV documentary on Gaza, and how in our view, the BBC website misrepresented it:   In March 2008 we published a Special Beyond Images Report into how the BBC News website had misrepresented the content of a BBC documentary about Gaza, which had been presented by BBC reporter Jane Corbin.  The website version of the Corbin programme whitewashes Hamas to the maximum possible extent, and obscures the truths about Hamas which Corbin had courageously exposed.  In our Report we document the misrepresentations in detail. We have aimed to be as fair, thorough and rigorous as possible.

For our full report please click here.

Hamas and the 'Right of Reply'
In October 2009 the BBC rejected the complaint, and argued that Hamas were entitled to a 'Right of Reply' in the circumstances. For full information please see Beyond Images Briefing 246

The BBC Governor's Report in 2006: The question of whether or not the BBC is biased against Israel is not a new one.  In 2006, in response to a flood of accusations of bias (coming from both Israeli and Palestinian supporters) the BBC published an independent report which it had commissioned from a group of experts into the allegations.  Click here ( Briefing 178 ) for the Beyond Images Briefing on that report, and an analysis of how the BBC responded to its recommendations.

Camera, Honest Reporting and BBC Watch: The following four projects undertake systematic analysis of BBC coverage of Israel.

Visit their websites to view relevant materials.