"Armed resistance"? Hamas bombings of Israeli civilians

Published: 27 March 2006
Briefing Number 169

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“Hamas preaches armed resistance against Israel, and has carried out dozens of suicide bombings and other attacks against Israeli targets, killing hundreds….”

- The Guardian newspaper, UK, 27 January 2006.

This is a commonplace way of describing Hamas violence. It acknowledges the Hamas suicide bombings. But it also sanitises that violence by using the expression “armed resistance” and referring to Israeli “targets”.

In fact, the “targets” are Israeli children, teenagers, men, women and the elderly going about their daily lives, who have been murdered in cold blood.

This Briefing avoids all euphemisms about Hamas and describes the bombings which they have carried out against Israelis since 2001. Hamas has also carried out dozens of drive-by shootings, stabbings, machine-gun and sniper attacks and other attacks. And many further attacks have been foiled by Israeli forces.

Since the Palestinian elections of January 2006, Hamas has refused to renounce violence, and its leaders claim the right to continue “armed resistance”.

Hamas attacks on Israeli society and daily life

No 32A bus, mainly carrying schoolchildren, Jerusalem.
19 dead, 70 injured.

Sbarro pizzeria, Jerusalem.
15 dead, 130 injured.

Snooker club, Rishon Lezion.
15 dead, 55 injured.

Student cafeteria, Hebrew University, Jerusalem.
10 dead, 85 injured.

Park Hotel Passover meal, Netanya
30 dead, 140 injured.

Teenagers on pedestrian precinct, Jerusalem.
11 dead. 180 injured.

Western wall no2 bus carrying worshippers
23 dead, 130 injured.

Moment café, Jerusalem.
11 dead, 54 injured.

Shopping centre, Netanya
5 dead, 100 injured.

Matza restaurant, Haifa.
15 killed, 40 injured.

Dolphinarium discotheque, Tel-Aviv.
21 dead. 120 injured.

Port facilities, Ashdod.
10 dead, 16 injured.

Petrol station, Ariel.
3 dead, 20 injured.

Beachfront bar, Tel-Aviv.
3 dead, 60 injured.

Hitchhiking post, Tzfirin.
9 dead, 30 injured.

Café Hillel, Jerusalem.
7 dead, 50 injured.

Bombings of passenger buses

No 11, Haifa – 16 dead.

No 960, Haifa – 11 dead.

No 361, Meron – 9 dead.

No 4 – Tel-Aviv – 6 dead.

No20, Jerusalem – 11 dead.

No 37, Haifa – 17 dead.

No 6, Jerusalem – 7 dead.

No 14A, Jerusalem – 17 dead.

Two buses simultaneously, Beer-Sheva. 16 dead.

This is what Hamas means by “armed resistance” against Israeli “targets”.

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