Israel’s battle of information and ideas: A strategy

January 2007

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Israel faces twin battles: its existential battle, to achieve peace, security, recognition, and to end the state of war. And the battle of information and ideas. This document outlines a strategy for engaging in that second battle.

Empower…. We believe in the talent, commitment and energy of supporters of Israel in the Jewish and non-Jewish community. Many people wish to help make Israel 's case, in the professions, in the media, among policy-makers, on campus, among the faith communities etc. Our strategy is to empower such people by equipping them with facts, arguments, resources and contacts to help them make a difference, and give them the sense of being part of a bigger, effective, picture. ‘Behind-the-scenes' lobbying on behalf of Israel , and the public battle of information and ideas, go hand-in-hand.

Educate…. We aim to educate our users and a wider audience on Israel . Through the Beyond Images website and our training events:

•  we explain fundamental concepts about Israel

•  we provide concise responses to accusations against the country

•  we highlight the democratic and humanitarian principles which Israel upholds even in the midst of conflict, and

•  we give prominence to Israel ‘beyond the conflict' – how Israel is making the world a better place

We also provide a guide to Israel-related resources on the Internet. A major educational challenge is to promote the excellent websites, email services, journals and books which already exist but which are under-used.

Engage…. We are not a knee-jerk propaganda-style site. The battle of ideas is being fought at a very sophisticated level, and requires coherent, high-quality resources. We don't demonise the Palestinians collectively, or Islam; we accept Israel is sometimes wrong; we don't stereotype ‘the media' or habitually use the ‘anti-semitism' label; and we believe that accusations against the country should be responded to dispassionately. We are eager to collaborate with other groups with similar aims to Beyond Images, and to engage across borders, because Israel 's battle of information and ideas is global.

The Beyond Images Project, London