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IF ISRAEL WERE THE UK OR THE USA….? The equivalent to Israel’s casualty figures in 7 other countries
London - published Wednesday 21 August 2002, updated to May 4 2003
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The table below is intended to put a new perspective on the Palestinian violence targeted against Israel since October 2000. We compare the number of people who have been killed and injured in Israel, and the number of suicide bomb attacks, with what the figures would be (based on population size) for seven other countries.

  • We refer to the number of Israelis killed in the period from the beginning of October 2000 until 31 March 2003 – 771, and the number injured in the same period - 5,248. These figures are from the Israeli Foreign Ministry website.

  • We include a figure of 166 for the suicide bomb attacks between October 2000 and April 2003. The figure of 155 suicide bombings was given by the Israeli security service in October 2002, and we have increased this by 11 in view of events since then. According to Israeli spokesmen, for every “successful” suicide attack, several are foiled.

  • We do not like playing with statistics. But the impact of the terrorism against Israel is routinely understated by outside commentators, both in scale and intensity. This table should help to put Israel's experience in perspective.

Countries Populations (figures are from 1999) Number of Israelis killed (and equivalents) Number of Israelis injured (and equivalents) Number of Palestinian suicide bombs (and equivalents)
Israel 6,037,000 771 5248 166
USA 266,096,000 34,001 231,437 7,321
UK 58,393,000 7,479 50,906 1,610
Australia 18,855,000 2,390 16,269 515
Germany 76,962,000 9,792 66,650 2,108
Argentina 36,238,000 4,626 31,489 996
Canada 28,488,000 3,624 24.666 780
France 58,145,000 7,402 50,381 1,594